RAEDA Logistics

Individual solutions? Always in standard.
Family business? This is our advantage.
Competition? We respect it. And we do our job!

Choose a partnership driven by benefits

If you are looking for a transport company that you can rely on, where everyone knows you, will advise and help you - you have come to the right place. We cooperate with companies from all over Poland. The small ones and the really familiar ones. Our strength is our regular customers who have trusted us for many years. What is a company that does not have a group of regular and loyal customers?

In RAEDA Logistics we are specialists in transport! We do everything to make it profitable, safe and timely! We have experience, possibilities and skills. We have standards, solutions, and offer with four-wheel drive. We will gladly use all this for your benefit!

What else? We are not a giant, we are not a corporation, but we know that there are more advantages than disadvantages behind it. And we'd love to say more about it!