Transport dedicated to big needs.

We transport even 24t / 38 euro pallets!
Dedicated car only for you. No reloading!
Many different types of vehicles.


Choose full truck transport. The car you choose will appear at the place of loading within 24 hours: usually faster than you think! The same car will reach its destination - without reloading, which increases the risk of damage and takes precious time. You can choose between different carrying capacity and different types of vehicles. Choose the transport you need. We will take care of the rest!



  • Direct deliveries – with vehicles with a load capacity of up to 3,5t, 6t, 12t, 24t
  • Maximum quantity of europallets: 33 and 38 (tandem vehicle)
  • The maximum height: 3,0m
  • Time to organize a truck: up to 24 hours
  • 24h control with GPS system
  • 24/7 loading/unloading system
  • Transports with vehicles such as: tilt, refrigerator, isotherm, MEGA, tandem
  • Territorial scope: the entire Western Europe, Southern Europe, Scandinavia
  • 300.000€ carrier’s civil liability insurance
  • Possibility of addtional CARGO Insurance (all-risk insurance)