RAEDA Logistics

We are a family business. And we are proud of it!

Our company did not start with a million dollar budget, a subsidiary, or a branch in a new location that needs to be somehow started. It has been in the TSL industry for years, it was a company that wanted to use its managerial experience in a company that it would create with loved ones, in which the whole family would put all its heart, time and savings. This is how the RAEDA Logistics - came into being - without a great background, but with the skills, commitment and approach to the customer, which allowed her to break out of the industry and stay in it. Many years already!

You know, we have no complexes. We won't offer you what giants, market leaders and the biggest of the biggest. It's obvious. However, we know all our employees by name and we know that during the tour they will not suddenly melt in the air with your goods. Customer service is also a level of commitment that is beyond the reach of large companies - those with hundreds of connections a day and a fleet of several thousand cars scattered around the world. It is this customer service and security that makes us stand out from others. And only you know how important it is in this industry


Our partnership philosophy

Business is business?
In RAEDA Logistics we think differently - we focus on relationships!

We call it the philosophy of partnership, although it can be said that it is all about simple rules, commitment and honesty - towards customers, contractors and in our own field, among our employees. We are a family business, we have our own standards, we have years of procedures developed, we have many stressful situations behind us - we know what to do and how to do it, so that the customer benefits. We have gained from transport, storage, cost, time and image. After all, it is the logistics company that represents you before the customer. Remember this!


In our industry, to say that the competition is fierce is like not saying anything. For several years of experience in the TSL industry we have gained know-how, we have gained a non-standard approach, we have gained a group of satisfied customers and we can really stand out.

And we are willing to prove it.

Now and after the hundredth load.




Choose time saving

No reloading, quick exchange of information, proven fleet - this is our way of delivery, which does not fail.


Time for lower costs

We don't like schemes, we don't like generalizations - that's why the offer is as individual as possible. And you spend less!


Bet on easy contact

Each company has one dedicated forwarder who knows its needs through and through.
 And it is available - at all times.


We inform. We keep you informed!

Information about each loading and unloading is your peace of mind.
 You know where your goods are. At any time.


You do not look at your watch

No reloading, transport in one car - and you're already gaining time.
 And as you know, in business it is a value that is rather difficult to overestimate.


Support in crisis situations

Our reactions to crisis situations have often allowed us to win a client. Bet on a company that always knows what to do.



With great pleasure and satisfaction we will begin cooperation with you.
We invite you to join the group of our satisfied customers!

RAEDA Logistics
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