Whole Europe in 24/48h

Fast delivery, small loads.
High priority? Choose speed and safety.
Emergency situation? We'll be right there!


RAEDA express is chosen by customers who expect fast shipments, without unnecessary reloading. It is a great choice in many situations - including those with severe emergencies. History shows that it is thanks to this service that we have gained many regular customers. Dedicated car is delivered within one hour and delivered directly to the destination. Fast, safe and at a good price. You can count on us!


  • Always a dedicated truck
  • Maximum quantity of pallets: 10
  • Raised roof up to 255 cm
  • Maximum dimensions: 485x227x255cm
  • Time to organize a truck: 1-4 hours
  • 24h control with GPS system
  • 24/7 loading/unloading system
  • Territorial scope: the entire Western Europe, Southern Europe, Scandinavia
  • 300.000€ carrier’s civil liability insurance
  • Possibility of addtional CARGO Insurance (all-risk insurance)