You pay ONLY for the space you use.
Maximum level of safety.
Rapid delivery time of the car - up to 24 hours!


You do not have to rent the whole vehicle, generating too much cost in relation to your needs. You can choose LTL road transport and do not pay for unused space. This is the best solution for a smaller size. By choosing this option, you do not risk - our loading system makes the same car that picked up your goods will take it to its destination. And you? You know where it is, at any time - thanks to our GPS system 24/h.



  • Maximum quantity of europallets: 25
  • Time to organize a truck: up to 24 hours
  • 24h control with GPS system
  • System of partloads thanks to which a truck, that takes the goods, delivers it to its destination
  • No reloadings = greater security and faster delivery time
  • Regular connections with Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal
  • Territorial scope: the entire Western Europe, Southern Europe, Scandinavia
  • 300.000€ carrier’s civil liability insurance
  • Possibility of addtional CARGO Insurance (all-risk insurance)