Our offer includes:

  • Preparation of the necessary documents for customs clearance, both import and export
  • Customs clearance in the simplified procedure
  • Customs clerance and financial security in the transit procedure
  • Issuing and completing all customs and shipping documents (including TIR and ATA carnets, CMR, CIM, EUR 1, FORM A, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN)
  • Any kind of customs advice



  • we will save your time
  • we will reduce your costs
  • we will make contact to us easier for you – one dedicated forwarder
  • we will eliminate your stress – we are responsible for transport
  • we will be your support and help in any crisis situation
  • we will inform you about the status of your shipment
  • we will deliver your shipment on time

Optimal solutions always in standard.
                Choose a partnership driven by benefits.